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that nurtures global financial health.
BIDX @ bitcointalk White Paper
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BIDX Global Market Structure

Standard Sales Market

Prices are set by the seller and buyers can see the final price on what they want to buy before making a decision

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Online Auction

Buyers offer the price they want to pay until a seller agrees to sell. These auctions can range in time duration- ex: 3, 5, 7, 10 or even 30 days.

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Reverse Auction Market

A unique type of auction where the buyers post what they need and then sellers offer the lowest price they are willing to sell their goods at.

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Zero Platform Fees or Commissions

BIDX Global operates, as closely as possible, on a cost neutral basis.
Listing to sell and buying are both ZERO FEE events and no commisions are charged on completed sales.

What is BIDX

BIDX is is a new and unaffiliated cryptocurrency originally native to BIDX Global. It permits an easy transfer of value between parties and accurate tracking of transactions on a permanent blockchain ledger.

This system essentially allocates the value of a specific item sold to the BIDX used to purchase it. It also allows for value portability unlike what is seen in current banking systems.

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Benefits of BIDX

75 Second block times for faster confirmations which means a much faster
transaction VS Bitcoin.

Ultra low fees per transaction compared to traditional payment processors.

Dual consensus algorithms for a more decentralized network.

Low block reward size to avoid an oversaturated supply.

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Project Roadmap

First Quarter 2019

Initial project concept is developed; feasibility and viability are evaluated. Begin the search for qualified blockchain developer.

Second Quarter 2019

After initial failed attempts, a properly qualified blockchain developer is found. Begin search for qalified team members for platform development.

Third Quarter 2019

User Experience and User Interface designer is onboarded. Concept of BIDX DeliverTrak system established. Begin feasibility analysis of BIDX DeliverTrak system.

Fourth Quarter 2019

Exchange trading is made live for all miners and stakers of BIDX. Design and launch of new project website finalized. Wireframe mockup, prototype and final design of platform established. Coding of platform continues simultaneously.

First Quarter 2020

Launch Alpha of platform for testing and user input. Expand on user input and adapt for Beta release with updates.

Second Quarter 2020

Launch updated Beta release. Finalize design and testing of BIDX DeliverTrak and incorporate into Beta platform build.

Distribution of Tokens

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Miroslav Petrov

Founder and CEO

Dedicated to a decentralized future and is proud to lead a team dedicated to expanding its appeal.

Pedro Zurita

Head of Product Development

Committed to bringing a revolutionary e-commerce platform to the cryptocurrency industry.

Sergey Savushkin

Lead User Interface Designer
Brings his years of experience in UI/UX Design to help develop the e-commerce platform of the future.

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